Thursday, 21 April 2011

I know I'm lucky...

... that my husband is so supportive of all the craft work I do. I mean crafting takes up A LOT of space. I have an attic room full of stuff but it doesn't stay up there. I have taken over most of the dining room as I like using the bigger table to quilt. And so there are piles of work waiting to be finished in the dining room. Then, of course, it also spreads to the living room as I like to have hand sewing by the sofa for when I'm watching television.

It's not just the space (or lack of!) though that he's so understanding of. However often I vacuum, sewing always seems to leave bits of thread all over the carpet. And over the sofa. And all over clothes. And in the car. But he doesn't say a word (except when I'm in the supermarket with bits of thread all over me).

I love that he takes an interest in the work I do. He likes to have quilts, hangings and other craft items around the house (but no cushions!). He asks how I'm getting on with different pieces and makes thoughtful, considered comments.

I know all this makes me lucky - but I'm especially lucky. The boy knows how to layer a quilt!!

For the non-quilters - quilt layering is a two-person job. You can do it by yourself but it takes longer, is more difficult and I find I don't get as good a result. Especially with bigger pieces of work.

So I know I'm lucky.

How about you? Is your partner / family supportive of whatever craft you enjoy? Do they celebrate your achievements? Or complain about the mess? Do you show them what you make or wait to share with other craftily-minded friends?


  1. I'm lucky too, as a scrapbooker my OH puts up with the constant mess in the kitchen (no craft room for me :( )3D foam square backs everywhere, and he even says he likes my layouts!! He doesn't moan too much when I buy new stash (only about where I will put it!) and has made me a custom built cupboard to store stuff. Yes, I'm lucky too!

  2. Hi visiting from BFS with Shimelle. My husband and I fight for space in our study/scraproom. He has basically been squashed into a tiny hole and I've taken over the entire room, walls, drawers and desk space. He basically has a few files, a inbox type thing and the PC - which we share with my 10 year old. FUN!

  3. You've definitely got a keeper!!!! My husband doesn't complain as long as I keep everything in my scraproom! xoxo

  4. You ARE lucky to have your husband help layer your quilts!

    My husband is very supportive of me in my quilting, but he wouldn't get that involved. :) he hates that he goes to work with strings on his clothes, but I really can't blame him for that.

    I love your green quilt! It's fantastic.