Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I love Nancy Halvorsen

Nancy Halvorsen is the designer and creater behind Art to Heart.  I've made loads of things out of her books like my Frankeinstein's Monster.  I find her patterns really clear and whatever I've made always seems to turn out like it does in the book!!

So, a Sunday with two of my sewing friends was a great opportunity to try another pattern.  When we get together we like a project we can finish in the day (with time spare for talking and eating).  We chose the Easy Does It For.... series which contains variations on the same makes for the different seasons and selected the table runners. 

Debra made Spring:

Rachel went for Summer:

And I chose Autumn:

Friday, 3 June 2011

Getting excited now...

...I've got a great week planned.  Tomorrow I'm off to the theatre with my brother and littlest nephew which will be great fun.  And following that, we're off to Whitby.  I love the North Yorkshire coast and if this gorgeous weather continues it'll be perfect.

So today I've been doing lots of cleaning, washing and packing.  With a bit of baking thrown in so we don't go hungry while we're away!!  Cheese muffins and chocolate muffins - so that's savoury and sweet - what more do you need :-)

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine too.