Saturday, 23 April 2011

I'm on a roll....

...with the quilting. I've lots of half-done projects which are waiting to be quilted and yesterday's finished item has inspired me to keep going.

The next project under the needle is a quilt for the daughter of a very good friend. This will be the fifth quilt I've made for the family and I absolutely love sewing for them as they are so appreciative. That's all I need for my quilts - a good home where they are going to be loved and used. I make quilts to be enjoyed, not put away for best.

I'm having lots of fun with my new Janome Horizon too. It has so many fabulous features for quilting and so much space - it's a gorgeous machine to use and it's getting plenty of wear this bank holiday weekend!!


  1. sweet~to be on a roll!!! awesome

  2. Oooeh, I really love the colours on this one.

  3. This looks lovely. I always think quilts looks so amazing!