Sunday, 15 May 2011

Finished in a day

Occasionally I like a project which can be done in a day.  I share this feeling with two local sewing friends and every six weeks or so we have a day together where we sew, eat and chat (not necessarily in that order!).  Sometimes we work on an on-going project, but quite often we pick something which can be done in the day.

Last week we had a day making a Frankenstein's Monster pin-cushion and thread catcher bag from the excellent Sew Necessary by Nancy Halvorsen. 

Isn't he cute!!  I love working from the Art to Heart books.  The projects are gorgeous and, I think, unlike anything else I've seen.  The instructions are always really clear and easy to follow and the patterns are provided full size and ready to go.

The Frankenstein's monster head is stuffed two-thirds full with stuffing and then weighted with split peas at the bottom.  The thread catcher bag includes a small scissors holder at the back. 

The book also includes a bat scissor chatelaine and a witch scissor fob - so I think these will have to be next to complete the Halloween sewing set.  Yes, I know it's May but Halloween makes are too much fun to limit to the autumn.

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  1. I think these are my revelation of the month - in all my years of sweing and crafting I hve never thought of having a thread catcher bag like that and I have always hated clearing up the threads at the end of the project - same with small scraps of paper when doing paper crafts.