Sunday, 6 February 2011

Linus Quilts

At Quilt Time we have an annual Linus Day where members of the group work on a variety of gorgeous quilts for the fantastic Project Linus. I love this day - for the work we do on the day, but also for the fact that it encourages me to finish off some of the quilts I have at home which are suitable for children and young people.

I had started this blue stripe quilt last summer for a demonstration I was doing on scrap quilts. All the fabrics in the quilt were donated scraps. The piecing was really simple and quick and I had finished this last August. I had even sandwiched the quilt but never got round to the actual quilting. After sorting through some boxes in the attic at the beginning of last week I had unearthed it again and was inspired to finish it off for the Linus Day.

The finished size is 39" square. The quilting is a wide meander down the solid blue stripes and then a single wavy line down the pieced stripes.

Hopefully this will find a good home soon.

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